Community Life is expressed through numerous “Connection Points” that provide greater relational connectivity, spiritual growth and development, and Spirit-filled ministry to one another.

Hebron Men's Group

Building Men of Character

Our local men’s group is called Hebron, which is also connected to the global Hebron Company of men in Congress WBN. We are committed to building men who are “leaders; courageous and confident; priests in their homes; gentle and compassionate; powerful and strong; anointed and capable of spiritual ministry; having words filled with wisdom, compassion, and restraint; able ministers not of the flesh but of Christ.”

Marriage and family are held in high esteem and we place great value on qualities like faithfulness, integrity, maturity and responsibility.

Monthly small group meetings are designed to facilitate deeper connections between the men and foster an environment of transparency and personal development, because we cannot grow alone. Periodic corporate meetings and events also strengthen our unity and resolve as we walk together in faith.


Developing Women of Strength

The Summit Women (TSW) is the connection point for women inside of TS. The focus for TSW is to develop women of strength, who know Christ intimately. We are purposefully building strong relationships characterized by love and unity, deliberately choosing Christ's patterns of life, and acknowledging that it is only in Him that we have accurate identity and true purpose. Our desire is to become mature women, who partner with God in every area of our lives. TSW meets monthly in Growth Groups as well as periodic corporate women's meetings.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are a lifeline for The Summit and their ultimate purpose is to develop deeper relationship with one another. These smaller groups meet at least once a month and the primary goal is discipleship and relationship. Disciples are made not through a meeting, but through truth that is internalized and applied. These smaller men's groups and women's groups meet together in the spirit of Acts 2.

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (Lord's Supper), and to prayer. Acts 2:42-47

The Summit Legacy

The Summit Legacy (TSL) is the name of our children’s connection point in The Summit; it includes infants through high school. TSL originated from Luke 1:11-17, and Elijah's legacy to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord. It continues to develop with conviction in our hearts and a firm belief that all that God has taught us must filter down even to the youngest of our children. The Summit Legacy is arranged into two people groups: Project Heritage and Elijah Company.

Elijah Company

Elijah Company (EC) is our Jr./Sr. High School group (ages twelve through eighteen). EC focuses on fostering the growth of our youth in discipleship and Christlikeness; while providing a safe place to build strong and accurate relationships between peers.

Project Heritage

Project Heritage (PH) encompasses our children from six months to eleven years old. The focus of Project Heritage is to equip the next generation in their personal relationship with Christ through connectivity and mentorship within the community. Project Heritage meets for foundational teachings based on the Word of God, Sunday mornings following corporate worship.

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Pressing On To Maturity In Christ
Hebrews 6:1